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The Southern Californian real estate market is continuing to heat up post housing bubble, and our luxury real estate agents are here to help you find gems of luxury real estate in Los Angeles, specifically the Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills and Malibu regions.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a luxury home in the Los Angeles area, our agents are committed to providing excellent service. Our agents hold themselves to the highest standards, from having extensive knowledge about the local markets and laws and regulations surrounding the buying and selling of homes to data analysis and marketing, and they will continue to exceed your expectations and anticipate your needs at every step of the way.

Questions & answers

What factors influence my home price and is there anything I can do to increase the asking price or help make my home sell faster?

Location is one of the biggest factors when determining the list price of a home. Regardless of the size, if your home is located in an affluent neighborhood, it already will be worth a little more than if it was in a different neighborhood. Other things that influence the list price include: the current housing market in your neighborhood, lot size, home square footage, and curb appeal. However, small home improvement projects do not typically influence the price too much. How long your home takes to sell is a case-by-case situation, but keeping your home in great condition helps. Hiring the right agent is one of the most important factors here.

What are some of the extra costs associated with purchasing a home that most buyers are not aware of?

There are many costs associated with buying a home that you might not be aware of as a buyer. One of the most important steps in closing a deal is bringing in an inspector to make sure what the seller and agent told you about the house is actually true, but this costs money. An optional extension of this is having a surveyor come in and pointing out exactly where your property boundaries are. This would be helpful on open or very large lots. During closing, there will be taxes and fees that need to be paid. These costs are known, however they need to be paid at the time of closing and many people forget this simple task. For example, you might have to pay a few months worth of property taxes, homeowners insurance and associations fees all at closing time. That is a large sum of money that you should be prepared to pay. All of the legal and government fees, such as government recording charges, credit report fee, tax service fee and Title services and lender's title insurance, will all have to be paid at closing as well. These fees are not hidden and are more visible now than in previous years.

What questions should I ask when buying a home and what are some things to keep in mind when considering a house?

When looking at potential homes to buy, most of the questions you should be asking should concern the physical state of the home. Examples include the state of the roof, HVAC systems, paint, appliances (if they come with the home), carpet, etc. Purchasing a home is already such a large investment that you should not have to do any major overhauls, just simple renovations to suit your personal taste. You should also ask questions about the neighborhood, such as safety and quality of local schools. If you are uneasy about anything in this process, let your agent know or bring in a professional inspector if it is anything regarding the home.