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How to apply for new account?

Apply for a new agent account for house sales, mortgage & insurance posting. Click Here.


  1. Click on [Home] or [Region] to select a your local area.
  2. Click on [Sell a House] .
  3. Click on [New Account] at log on page.
  4. Enter all required information. then press [Submit] button.
  5. Write down your account ID and password for later use.
  6. Then, you can log on your agent account to add real estate listing.
  7. Your contact information is in our agent listing. At the same time, you get your personal home page on this site immediately if you are agency. You can list it on search engine such as YAHOO! ( see How To List Your Site in Search Engines)

How to place your real estate listing?

  1. Click on [Home] or [Region] to select a region, where you will try to post your new ad.
  2. Click on [Sell a House].
  3. Log on your Agent Account. If you are new user, go to apply a New Agent Account.
  4. After log on your account, click on [Place New Real Estate Ad].
  5. Enter all required information ( with '*' ). Make sure all those are correct. Press [Submit] button. Now your ad is placed on our web site.
  6. Click on [Log Off] to sign out your account after posting your ads.

Forget Password

Go to , Enter your account ID or e-Mail address then press [Submit] button. Your password will be sent to you automatically.

How to list your site in search engines?

  1. Go to
  2. Under the "Regional" heading, click on "U.S. State."; then click on the state you are in.
  3. On the next screen, select a "Real Estate" category. then click on "Cities" link that will displace a list of cities of your state. click on the city where you are located.
  4. At the bottom of page, click on "Suggest a Site". Read the page and follow the procedure to submit your site.
  5. You will be asked your site's information.
    Title: your name.
    URL: your web site address
    " = accountID"
  6. In addition to Yahoo!, you can list your site to many other search engines.

More Questions?

Contact us:


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